Nothing to see here folks!!

Is what most die hard powder hounds will tell you in orer to keep the fresh lines to themselves.

Cortina is the Northernmost resort in the Hakuba Valley, and seems to get the most snow on a regular basis. A general rule of thumb is that when other reosrts in Hakuba have 50cm of new snow, Cortina may be sitting on a meter or more.

Add to that the fact that they have the most progressive tree skiing policy in Hakuba, and you've got a receipe for one of the best days you'll ever have on the slopes.

The only issue is getting to the resort can be a bit of a challenge. In recent years there have been free shuttles from Happo Bus Terminal, but it is a bit of a free for all and you can miss out.

A taxi will cost about 5,000yen from central Hakuba, and split between 4, this is another good option. Especially if you want to beat the crowds and get first tracks.

Make sure you either have an All Mountain lift pass, or grab one of the Cortina coupons, as these 2 options not only get you your day pass, but also a 1,000yen lunch voucher, and free entry in the spa at the Hotel Green Plaza (that massive tudor style building at the base which has the best spa in all of Hakuba.

Cortina is connected to the neighboring resort of Hakuba Norikura. A combined day pass is available.

Trail Map (PDF)
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