The 2nd largest resort in the Hakuba Valley, with a great lift system of connected high speed lifts. The Gondola 'Eve' is one of the longest in Japan, and takes about 15 minutes from bottom to top.

The beginners slopes that mark the entrance to the resort are some of the best in the world, and an ideal place to learn in safety. From the mid station of the Gondola and higher there are some great intermediate and advanced courses.

Tsugaike Kogen is also homet some of the best back country touring and off piste terrain in Hakuba. As with all out of bounds areas, it should only be accessed by those with experience, or accompanied by trained guide.

From March onwards there is a heli-ski operation operating frm the Gondola mi-station, but it is not quite the same as heli-sking overseas. The helicpoter ride is more the attraction than the skiing part.

To get to Tsugaike Kogen, get a shuttle to Happo Bus Terminal and then catch an Aplen Resort Shuttle from there.

There are cafes and restaurants scattered all over the mountain, including the only Burger King in the greater Hakuba area.

All in all, a fun place to spend a day or three.

Trail Map (PDF)
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