A resort that people just keep on coming back to. On paper it looks good for a day or two, but the vibe, and the runs to all points of the compass make this a ski field that draws you back time and again.

The resorts is split into the village side and the mountain side slopes, with only a slender 5m wide track lining the two). If the Gondola is packed, then scoot over to the High Speed Central (Chuo) Lift, and head to the top from there.

At the summit is the Sky Ark Complex, which keeps with the bibilical theme (the Gondola is called "Noah", to go with Happo's "Adam", and Tsugaike Kogen's "Eve" gondolas).

The views from the summit are amazing, with photo opportunities all around.

There are frequent shuttles from Happo Infomation Center (bus terminal), and other parts of Echoland and Happo.

Apart from the return run down to the base area, most runs are quite short, and great for older folks (like me), as it is a resort that you can ride all day and not get to exhausted.

There is limited off piste available, as the resort sits on top of the mountain, but there is fun to be had, especially over the back down te View Courses.

There are a couple of restaurants at the summit, with many more down at the village side base.

Trail Map (PDF)
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