The combined Hakuba Goryu / Hakuba 47 resorts offer something for all levels.

The gentle slopes in the Iimori area offer the perfect environment for beginners, and it is here that Hakuba Snow Sports School is located with multi-language instruction from professional ski and snowboard instructors.

Getting to Hakuba Goryu / 47 is simple as all 3 base areas operate free shuttles all over Hakuba.

Goryu also offers some of the best night skiing in Hakuba, with a run of about 1KM in length.

Care is needed when going off piste, and the surrounding slopes have been known to slide. So a professional guide and all the right equipment is a must if heading outside the resort boundaries.

Even beginners can ski from top to bottom at Hakuba 47, but those heading to the Goryu side may need to take the Gondola down as the mid sections are quite challenging.

The mountain has a wide range of dining options from Subway Sandwiches to Fresh Oven Bakes Pizzas.

Well worth a day or two of your time in Hakuba.

Trail Map (PDF)
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